In 2020, we refused to languish
and instead kept resolute as we laid
a solid foundation for recovery.

Operationally, we ramped up our site works on live projects with our available resources while renegotiating contracts with other clients. Digitization and manpower optimization allowed us to sustain an upward trajectory in quarterly revenues from the second quarter—apart from recording an improved EBITDA margin—which helped deliver a positive bottom line in 2020.

We believe that PITX is essential to the country’s public transport system and, with proper protocols in place, we continue to ferry our medical and economic frontliners to and from their destinations. Passenger traffic managed to bounce back almost immediately after commercial operations resumed and has continued to trend towards pre-pandemic levels.

With the implementation of strict health and safety protocols, we received the Airports Council International-Airports Health Accreditation (ACI-AHA), becoming one of the first airports in the country to be recognized for global health and safety travel standards.

The pandemic may have pushed many to operate at a minimum and brought long-established corporations to their knees, but we were determined to power forward. Megawide recorded its highest order book in Company history at PhP 68.4 billion amid the pandemic.

For now, we won’t lose sight of our goal. More than ever, we’ve shown that our progress towards a First-World Philippines isn’t just a move towards innovative construction, essential infrastructure, and effective stakeholder management. We aspire for a First-World quality of life for Filipinos that is backed by stronger ESG initiatives, closer cooperation within the organization, and greater collaboration across sectors – regardless of the odds.

that’s how we are and who we will always be.

As we rise to the top and remain unyielding through each challenge, we want to bring this country on an upward journey with us.

Chairman, CEO, and President

Megawide Construction Corporation